Oil and Refineries

Oil and Refineries

MSE Hiller can offer centrifuges designed in-line with ATEX stipulations, meaning that customers can rest assured using our equipment and products in an environment with an explosive atmosphere. ATEX designed centrifuges are used in the cleaning and recovery of muds and drilling fluids as well as in the cleaning of oils.

Our high-performance decanter centrifuges guarantee optimal process results with the highest level of reliability.

Typical applications in the oil and refineries sector include:

  • Glycerine / fatty acid / salt separation in biodiesel production
  • Used cooking oil processing as alternative fuel oil
  • Olive oil production
  • Avocado oil production
  • Animal fat production from slaughtering offal
  • Tallow recovery from fleshings
  • Fishmeal stickwater
  • Slop oil processing
  • Waste oil recovery from tank bottom sludge
  • Oil lagoon clearing
  • Oily sludges from oil fields, oil refineries, petrol stations, metal industry, etc.
  • Tar processing on coking plants and in tar chemistry
  • Oil recovery from caustic in barrel washing

Economy and quality:

  • Minimal operator attendance required
  • Highest purity of liquid phases maximises value of the product
  • Highest cake dryness minimises disposal costs
  • Various wear protection systems for long lifetimes
  • Simple and service-friendly design
  • Low specific power consumption per unit product processed

Mechanical features:

  • Corrosion resistant materials individually selected for the process: high-tensile carbon steel, stainless steel or special alloys
  • Designs available for operation at high temperatures
  • Various wear protection systems available
  • Gas-tight designs for hazardous environments
  • Liquid discharge by open gravity systems or with externally adjustable centripetal pump


  • Automated operation with our proprietary control systems
  • All modern scroll drive systems
  • Product-specific choice of materials
  • Special machine design up to individual production
  • Explosion-proof construction possible
  • Research and development in laboratory and full scale up to in-house process development
  • Design and construction of turn-key plants

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