Biogas and AD Plants

Biogas and AD Plants

Did you know that 80% of what goes in to the front end of Biogas and AD Plants becomes waste at the back end? We can reduce the burden and environmental impact of that waste using our centrifuge solutions.

MSE Hiller’s high quality solutions deliver maximum gas production, highest plant efficiency and minimum downtime.

We offer a wide range of proven solutions for Biogas and AD plants, from shredders, grinders, depackaging equipment, hammer mills, conveyors and mixers to sludge compacting and dewatering equipment.

The liquid phase (effluent) from the dewatering process can be further treated to be more efficiently disposed of, either to ground soak away, reuse or discharged to the municipal sewage system. Discharge to the municipal sewage system is usually charged for using the Mogden formula, meaning the cleaner the wastewater, the lower the cost to the customer. We also offer state-of-the-art technologies to dewater the end product to form a cake like material which can be easily transported off site and offer nutritional benefits for land disposal.

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