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Established in 2001, MSE Hiller has become a well respected company for the supply, rental and service of centrifuges and environmental engineering products to the water and industrial effluent treatment sectors.

Our centrifuges are used across a wide variety of sectors, including everything from food and beverage, to oil and refineries, to chemical and pharmaceutical.

Centrally based in Derbyshire, MSE Hiller has a reputation for impressive and outright customer focus. Our engineers and managers have been active in all areas of the centrifuge and sludge handling industries and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Our purpose-built HQ at Chesterfield’s Markham Vale Business Park in Derbyshire is leading the way in energy efficient building design - we invested heavily in rainwater harvesting, air source heating system, solar panels for hot water, photo voltaic panels for electricity production - meaning that as a company, we are now self-sufficient in electricity! It is here that we have built our own team of engineers, chemists and designers who are based at our Derbyshire HQ.

Our workshop facility is a world class repair centre and houses specialist equipment such as high speed balancing, a machining centre, testing laboratory, hydraulics and electronics clean room facilities, sealed welding and grinding rooms, as well as 24 hour security protected equipment storage.

MSE Hiller has been awarded framework supplier status with Anglian Water, Northumbrian Water, Severn Trent, Scottish Water, South West Water, Thames Water and United Utilities.

For further details, please contact us or ask us to arrange a visit and we’ll explain what we can do to help your business.

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