Sewage Treatment

Sewage Treatment

MSE Hiller is setting benchmarks for the application of high-performance decanters on wastewater treatment plants. Our DecaPress series has been developed for maximum cake dryness at high throughputs and significantly reduced polymer consumption.

For sludge thickening our DecaThick series is used, achieving highest solids capture rates - in most cases even without polymer. At MSE Hiller we also assist our clients in regard to the optimal plant design and the choice of ancillary equipment, utilising years of industry knowledge and experience to create customised designs based on customer requirements.

Economy and quality:

  • Minimal operator attendance required
  • Highest purity of liquid phases maximises value of the product
  • Highest cake dryness minimises disposal costs
  • Various wear protection systems for long lifetimes
  • Simple and service-friendly design
  • Low specific power consumption per unit product processed

Scroll-drive systems:

  • Automatic differential speed control
  • Hiller Hydraulic DecaTorque for maximum torque within shortest reaction times
  • Drive solution DecaDrive using frequency converters and electric motors
  • Highly-developed control units for all drive solutions

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