Paper and Board

Paper and Board

The paper industry uses large volumes of water, often on closed cleaning loop circuits. Effluents are typically produced which are high in flow and load. MSE Hiller’s compact, high performing dewatering Decapress units are therefore perfect for effluent sludge dewatering in the paper and board sector.

Papermills are a typical example of this, where the effluent plant waste derives from waste paper cleaning along with a small amount of biological sludge.

Typical applications for our expert solutions in the paper and board industry include:

  • Treatment of de-inking sludge
  • Treatment of coatings sludge
  • Treatment of hydroxide sludge
  • Dewatering fiber sludge
  • Dewatering of biological sludge
  • Dewatering of mixed sludge

Economy and quality:

  • Minimal operator attendance required
  • Minimal water consumption for flushing can cleaning
  • Highest cake dryness minimises disposal costs
  • Various wear protection systems for long lifetimes
  • Simple and service-friendly design
  • Low specific power consumption per unit product processed

Mechanical features:

  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant materials individually selected for the process
  • Various wear protection systems available


  • Automated operation with our proprietary control systems
  • All modern scroll drive systems used individually suited to the application
  • Product-specific choice of materials
  • Special machine design up to individual production
  • Research and development in laboratory and full scale up to in-house process development
  • Design and construction of turn-key plants

The percentage of dry solids (% ds) that can be achieved varies with each individual application. It is dependent upon the amount of fiber present in the feed, the de-inking that takes place at site and also whether inorganic coating kitchen effluents are present (such as titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, etc.).

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