Polymer Make up Systems

Polymer Make up Systems

Polyelectrolytes are used within the water industry as a flocculant to help bind together, or flocculate, suspended solid particles in the water. The addition of a polymer solution into water treatment can often make the water treatment process much more efficient - easier, faster and more cost effective.

MSE Hiller offer a range of polymer makeup systems for both Powder grade (up to 120kg/hr) and emulsion grade (up to 150 kg/hr) polymers.

All of the Polycompact® Polymer makeup units are modern, compact and offer a very consistent and accurate makeup concentration through state-of-the-art metering and dosing technology. Water flow and pressure fluctuations are dealt with automatically. The Polycompact® range all feature a touchscreen HMI and PLC from whether Rockwell (Alan-Bradley) or Siemens and are completely automatic in their operation.

MSE Hiller also offer a range of Polymer makeup accessories, such as Big Bag Handling systems, for use with up to 1,000kg bags, and Powder conveyor systems, reducing manual handling requirements at site.

Polycompact® polymer makeup units can, if required, be fitted and installed into a standard ISO shipping containers for convenience and security. We have a selection of polymer units available (both stand alone and containerised) for hire for temporary trials and/or short-term requirements.

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