Double anniversary celebration for centrifuge specialists Hiller GmbH and MSE Hiller

16 August 2021

Centrifuge specialists Hiller GmbH and MSE Hiller are celebrating anniversary milestones respectively this year, with seven decades in the industry between them!

Hiller GmbH celebrates 50 years in 2021, while at the same time the UK’s MSE Hiller celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

Hiller GmbH’s fiftieth anniversary was marked with a prestigious award win - The German Design Award 2021.

Hiller GmbH won the Excellent Product Design category for the visualization of the new HILLER SEE-Control pro unit, which will replace the current decanter control unit in 2021. It sets new standards in the operation of decanters and impresses with its fresh and simple design making it very user friendly.

Aiding expansion of Hiller GmbH, the company became a part of the Ferrum group of companies in 2018. It offers centrifuges Worldwide and is active in most countries all over the globe with a strong presence in the environmental sector.

Today, Hiller GmbH employs around 180 people and is renowned by customers nationally and internationally for its high-quality products, services and care.

Like Hiller GmbH, MSE Hiller which was founded by Ivan Fomin and Huw Thomas in 2001 has seen a huge change in the size and structure of the business over the years.

From humble beginnings in a 25 m² room, MSE Hiller has since expanded into 800 m² purpose-built offices and 1,500 m² workshops at Markham Vale in Derbyshire, where thousands of centrifuges are serviced and maintained every year. The company is now the leader in the supply, service and rental of centrifuges in the UK.

Ivan Fomin, Managing Director of MSE Hiller explained “The relationship between MSE Hiller and Hiller GmbH is stronger than ever, and we’re delighted to be celebrating these anniversary milestones together.”

Like Hiller GmbH, MSE Hiller is committed to innovation and product quality, having recently invested heavily in new state-of-the-art equipment, including a new gearbox testing area, vertical storage systems, PV and solar panels, energy efficient lighting, rainwater harvesting, CCTV and 24-hour security.

Ivan added: “We have forged links with a number of industry-leading partners worldwide to ensure that every product, service and solution that we deliver is world class.” Discover more about Hiller GmbH in the company’s 2021 newsletter - Hiller News, which can be read in full here.

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