THP Cambi Sludge thickening and dewatering

THP Cambi Sludge thickening and dewatering

The Company
MSE Hiller provided Decapress centrifuges to several Cambi plants for the pre-thickening of sewage sludges prior to the digestion process, as well as for the post digestion sludge dewatering stage.

The Problem
The sludges produced by these water treatment processes can often be complex in nature and difficult to treat.

The Solution
Thermal hydrolysis process (THP) makes the sludge more biodegradable, improving digestibility and the efficiency of subsequent sludge treatment processes. Many modern sewage treatment plants have embraced the concept of advanced digestion or THP in order to optimise their treatment of sewage sludges, produce gas and electricity, reduce running costs and produce an enhanced digested sludge.

For the pre-thickening stage, sludge thicknesses of 16+/-0.5% are often required. The hydraulic scroll drive principle on the Hiller Decapress centrifuge offers closed loop control of both the scroll torque and differential speed on the centrifuge which lends itself well to this task. Alternatively, the sludge can be dewatered to 22% ds and back mixed with sludge as an alternative step to achieve the consistent 16% ds.

Capacities of 70 – 120 m3/hr are possible.

At the post digestion stage the sludge can often be dewatered using a conventional Decapress centrifuge to achieve a stackable cake in the region of 26 – 35% dry solids.

Recovery rates of 95 – 98% are typical.

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