Scottish Water Dalderse

Scottish Water Dalderse

The Company
Scottish Water

The Problem
Two belt presses were becoming mechanically unreliable and costly to maintain; the solids discharged were often of poor quality making it difficult to dispose of.

The Solution
Following a competitive tender process which involved three other major centrifuge manufacturers, MSE Hiller was chosen as the supplier to install a containerised sludge dewatering system for the Dalderse works.

The centrifuge was a Decapress model DP573 and is capable of processing up to 55 m3/hr of sludge.

In order to reduce the installation time and costs at site, the complete system was off site manufactured at MSE Hiller’s works. This meant that only connection to local site services were required at site before the unit was fully operational, saving the client time and money.

Once the unit was built, the installation time at site was just seven days.

Working on the conventionally digested sludge at site, the centrifuge was able to dewater the sludge feed which varied from 2 to 4% ds at feed inlet to a stackable solids cake at 25-33 % dry solids – a dry crumbly stackable cake.

The centrate off the system was typically 1,000 – 2,000 ppm of suspended solids and recovery rates around 98% were reported.

The scope of supply included a complete dewatering plant built up within a 20 ft ISO container complete with all the necessary ancillaries – feed pump, E+H flowmeters, pipework, valves, system control panel, fully automatic liquid polymer make up system and a discharge screw conveyor for solids disposal.

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